About SwarmJam

We are…

SwarmJam, our marketing solution specialist comb (*pun intended) through hundreds of neighborhoods and local business for the most exciting offers in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary with a selection of national offers from leading local brands also available for members across the country.

The SwarmJam Buzz….

We only sell stuff we would want to buy ourselves!

What’s the point of offering you a deal on something we wouldn’t buy ourselves? We believe in honesty and so a great price isn’t everything – it’s also got to be a great product or service. We have top business partners and unbeatable prices, so you as the consumer will feel comfortable trying new and exciting products and services when you use SwarmJam.

We want all our deals to Buzz with Excitement.

SwarmJam can make the luxurious things in life affordable as we look for the best experiences and offer them at a price that’s hard to beat! We will only feature the best deals on the best restaurants, concerts, hotels, spas, local tours and much more.

Part of what makes this fun is exposing people to experiences they wouldn’t have done otherwise, like great local tapas, exciting skydiving, cooking classes, architectural tours or even teeth whitening. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the exciting businesses we are showcasing on the site!