a better way to grow your business

We love local businesses and so do our members — that’s why we’re committed to local business marketing that drives new customers through your doors.


Swarmjam is risk-free with no long-term contracts. 

The process is easy for you. We handle everything for you. Your biggest task is to be ready for the influx of new customers and deliver an experience that encourages them to revisit your business time and time again.

Consider that even if customers don’t purchase a Swarmjam, it introduces a new service or vendor they may not have known was there.

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Our fee structure is simple. You pay only a one-time Deal Setup Surcharge of $895. In exchange for this fee you get the following great services and features: Geographically targeted and aggressive email campaign for your region or any other additional regions or areas you may request; Deal publication in multiple cities or multiple regions; Deal setup, customization and programming; Unlimited deal updates. In addition to these great features of your SwarmJam, you also will retain 100% of all the sales revenue from all your deal sales. This means that we will not take any fees or percentages like the other guys from any of your deal revenue.